IT Solutions

Artfiles LLC will also provide IT-Services that are perfectly fitted for the needs of every customer. In combination with the already available resources of Artfiles New Media GmbH, Artfiles LLC will offer a wide range of services right from the start. The main focus for Artfiles LLC in its project business will be to offer solutions that require deep knowledge of information technology, for example:

  • Designing high-availability server systems and cluster.
  • Selecting and providing IT-hardware (Artfiles New Media GmbH is a Dell Premium Partner).
  • Assembling servers, racks and cabinets.
  • Installing and configuring any kind of Linux based software.
  • Planning, configuring and installing backup systems.
  • Developing security concepts
  • Programming of small Linux-applications.
  • Installing and configuring firewall systems.
  • Planning and configuring IP-networks.
  • Setting up routers and switches.
  • Administrating and configuring Linux systems.