Artfiles LLC will provide all kinds of hosting services, starting from the low priced shared web hosting account to the professional managed cloud-server product.

Besides of our famous customer service and the stability of our technical services we are especially known for our fair pricing and the generous feature-set of our hosting plans.

One of the core values of all Artfiles products is the unified administration platform “Domain Control Panel”, called DCP. With the DCP the customer is able to configure every single feature which is part of the booked plan. Also the DCP is the main interface to communicate with the Artfiles staff and to order add-ons etc.

Artfiles is doing the development of the DCP in-house and this brings us a lot of advantages in the competition with other third-party webhosting panels. As an example we can react quickly and dynamically to meet the latest market requirements because we don’t need to wait for our software supplier. In-house development is also a big benefit for us when we have to deal with security related issues.

Because of the in-house DCP technology, Artfiles LLC is setup for flexibility towards to new market trends.